Box Of Draws

2017 Collection!

That's this year! So naturally this one is Still In Progress!

In Janurary, there was a Meet The Artist trend going around, so I decided to join in. Now you know my deepest secrets.
Angel with very bad habits, dont smoke, kids
Dedicated to my favorite Animal Crossing villager, Tabby. Love you Me-Wow
Twitter comm! Otters are fun to draw, as I have more recently learned
roar im a big scary dragon
Chimera that began in my sketchbook and eventually became digital
Fanart for Nick Nocturne of Night Mind! I definitely recommend you give his stuff a look if you're into spooky stories and unsettling feelings in the back of your head.
Thing I drew because I wanted a new icon on discord and telegram and whatever. I've been painting more often and I think it's been paying off???
Commission for a friend on a discord server! Fennec foxes are really damn cute how did i just now learn this
For now, that's all! There's some other stragglers on my FA, if you so wish to see em.