Box Of Draws

2016 Collection!

In retrospect, there weren't too many things in 2016 I'm super proud of. It would have helped to put them up when I made them, wouldn't it...?

Comic sequence of a mysterious dream I had one night. I hope that kid's okay...
This started off as something or other and became several different things entirely.
Fanart of my favorite film, Night on the Galactic Railroad from my short-lived Inktober escapade.
Commission for a friend on twitter! ATSUI!
Another commission for a twitter friend! For his boyfriend, who is also a friend of mine. On twitter.
Reĝino Kato, Queen of hearts. Cards are cool, yo
At one point, I tried to take the colors of an album I liked and make a picture from them. They were really fun!!
Another such example!
There were probably others but...there's a high chance I just dont like them as much as these. Guess this is what happens when you play catch-up too late!